The Solution

FishCap is a revolutionary new, ocean friendly seafood storage and transport packaging alternative to environmentally harmful polystyrene boxes.

As a re-useable transport packaging system, FishCap can:

  • Eliminate single use polystyrene packaging waste
  • Reduce waste management costs
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lower material cost for producers, packers and transporters of fish and seafood


Food Safety

 FishCap provides protection from external contamination and resulting product losses.

 FishCap is FDA food approved.

 FishCap does not support microbial growth.

 FishCaps are BPA free, pentene free and have no harmful additives.


 FishCap delivers insulation performance comparable to polystyrene, buffering product from temperature fluctuations.


 FishCap enables economic transfer by air, road or sea in a closed loop to reduce waste.


 FishCaps have high strength and the ability to withstand multiple impact strikes during handling.


 FishCaps are designed for multiple reuses over an extended lifespan, and are compatible with industry standard handling equipment.

Reverse Logistics

 FishCaps are washed following use and then palletised for efficient reverse logistics via road, rail, air or sea.


 FishCaps are 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed back into new FishCaps indefinitely.

Ocean Friendly

 FishCaps are manufactured from a chemically inert, proprietary EPP resin that does not degrade into toxic micro plastics when exposed to saltwater.

 There are no VOCs, CFCs, HCFCs or HFCs used in the manufacture of FishCaps.

How it Works

The following animation shows the FishCap ocean friendly, reusable transport packaging system in action.